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I was listening to an interview with the inventor James Dyson recently, where he said that he spent more than 15 years trying out more than 5,000 different methods which didn’t work, before he hit on his successful, innovative design for a vacuum cleaner.

Failure is part of making progress
He said “Failure is interesting — it’s part of making progress. You never learn from success, but you do learn from failure. (When I created the Dual Cyclone vacuum), I started out with a simple idea, and by the end, it got more audacious and interesting. I got to a place I never could have imagined because I learned what worked and didn’t work.”

There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback
This is exactly the successful mind-set that is summed up in the NLP Empowering Belief: There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Imagine if a baby is learning to walk and falls over a couple of times. Would they say to themselves “I’m no good at this, I think I’ll give up”? I don’t think so, otherwise none of us would ever have learnt to walk!


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And what about you?

Check in with yourself – are you giving up too soon on something? Are you only seeing the failure, and missing the opportunity to learn something useful?

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