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This in-depth programme involves 16 days over 4 modules which will have a life-changing impact. It is certified by INLPTA, the world’s most respected NLP governing body.

Why attend?
People participate in the NLP Practitioner programme for many different reasons:

  • Develop exquisite mastery of the tools, patterns, beliefs and thinking that you discovered at Practitioner level
  • Discover how to achieve results with unconscious competence, and tap into your own excellence
  • Model excellence in others, effortlessly acquiring new skills, resources and attitudes to live a fuller purposeful life
  • Develop influential language and behaviour patterns enabling you to operate with greater effect in any situation
  • Discover your core purpose and passion, so you can live the life you were born to live.
  • Evolve your own unique patterns and strategies for achieving results personally and professionally, and doing it your way.

What will the course cover?

  • Language and behaviour patterns – how they illuminate a person’s personality, and how they can be used to achieve the best results
  • The ability to manage multi-layered outcomes for yourself and for others, working at both conscious and unconscious levels
  • Discovering, sorting and utilising values to achieve lasting change (in a person and/or an organisation)
  • Detecting core beliefs, and installing or changing beliefs to increase choice and flexibility
  • Modelling excellence, and developing new resourceful models for self and others
  • Sleight of Mouth” advanced linguistic patterns for achieving deep change.

How is the course delivered?
We limit the number of participants in each programme to ensure that each person receives personal supervision from the tutors.

You will find the period between modules especially useful to practise your skills and reflect on your learning.

What if you participate in this programme?
The Master Practitioner certificate enables you to use NLP techniques for business or personal development, coaching and counselling.

The course is delivered in 4 separate modules. All 4 modules must be completed, and you will need to provide us with evidence of an existing NLP Practitioner certificate.

Upon graduation you will be eligible for Graduate Membership of INLPTA and also Membership of ANLP.

£2,400 + VAT
(i.e. £2,880)

The NLP Master Practitioner programme is held in our own rural venue in the picturesque village of Ceres, in the Kingdom of Fife.  We provide all refreshments and lunch, and we can help you to arrange accommodation in a local hotel or B&B.