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I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about death lately.  Mainly because I am preparing a talk on the topic for the International NLP Conference in a couple of week’s time. But mostly because death is an inevitable part of being alive.

I read a fabulous blog by John Pavlovitz called “On The Day That I Die“, which reads more like a poem. He talks about all the commitments that get broken, and all the stuff that is left undone, as well as the hole that you will leave in the lives of the people that love you.

He finishes up:

“Don’t let your life be stolen every day, by all that you’ve been led to believe matters, because on the day you die—the fact is that much of it simply won’t.

Yes, you and I will die one day.

But before that day comes: let us live.”

When I first started learning about NLP one of the most important things about it that changed my life, was the idea that I could choose how my life turned out. If things weren’t the way I wanted them, I could choose to change myself, or to change my actions, or to change my way of thinking to get a different results.

I stopped being a passenger in my own life, and started taking the driving seat. I began to set outcomes for my life, using the NLP “Well Formed Outcomes” process, which I’ve written about before.

Before, I used to be scared of death, worrying that I hadn’t made the most of life.

Now, I’m no longer scared of death. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not looking forward to it, and I certainly don’t want it to come along too soon!

It’s just that death is an inevitable part of life. And if I live my life to the full, then when the end comes, I will be able to say “I lived”.

What about you?

What will enable you to say “I lived”?

You don’t have to achieve amazing feats of adventure. You might prefer to lead a fulfilled life in a different way.

You don’t have to star in a block-buster. You might prefer to take actions in front of an audience of just your own family, colleagues and friends.

You don’t have to discover a new planet, a new drug or write a best-seller. You might prefer to make every day a discovery of everyday wonders.

It’s up to you.

Yes, you and I will die one day.

But before that day comes: let us live


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